About Me

Who is that person hiding right behind her camera ?

Well it’s me ! Not a big surprise my name is Manon Ferrand. I am 28 years old and (surprise !) photographer. Now that you know the banalities about me I will introduce myself with more details. I’m a big fan photography, but also about early childhood. Indeed I always thought I would one day work in this field, among the exceptional and carefree beings that are children ! Finally I managed to regroup my two passions and became a family photographer.

People who already know me are aware that I am also a girl that we could see ashyper emotional, I have tears in my eyes at the slightest emotion. I don’t consider this character trait as a weakness but more as one of my greatest strengths. Because it is that kind of sensibility that makes my personality and allows me to capture those feelings and links that unite you.

I'm self-taught photographer. After hours of online formation and organized sessions, I started as a professional photographer. In terms of material, I take most of my photographic shots with my Canon Eos R hybrid camera equipped with a Canon 50 mm 1.8 lens

You want to know more about me ? No problem

There are still a lot of things to tell about me, but I have to make way for your story !
What if you come and share a part of your life with me ? (a newborn, a birthday, a moment with your lover , or in family , etc…)

Come and see the sessions I offer and don’t hesitate to contact me